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Microsoft killed Stadia and took advantage of PS5



The new generation of consoles is coming… But it seems it's not just the hardware that will change! The industry is going through a very interesting time of change. And apparently we have already begun to see the results of Microsoft's All-In on its Xbox ecosystem!

If you don't know, Google Stadia is a deep jumble of ideas, pricing, premium packages and freemium that no one really understands. After all, subscribing to Stadia costs $ 10 a month, requires users to buy games separately, and does not have many of the features that were promised.

Plus, you have to invest in a Chromecast Ultra to play on TV, and your PC is all limited to FullHD 60fps. Well… This is where Microsoft comes in!

Microsoft killed Stadia and got a big advantage over PS5

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Microsoft's streaming service known as Project xCloud does everything Stadia does, only better. In addition, it also includes a subscription gaming package as well as full Xbox account integration. In short, Microsoft just put Google's effort in your pocket!

So by 2020, Project xCloud will hit the Xbox Game Pass, offering all subscribers the ability to stream over 100 multi-device games. (Including your smartphone, TV and PC).

Similarly, all games you buy digitally can also be streamed. That is, all games you buy will be in your account and can be shared to multiple devices.

A heavy blow to Google, but also to Sony's efforts that are currently finalizing the development of its PlayStation 5. In the end, with such a robust ecosystem on its side, it's likely that many eyes will be on Xbox Scarlett.

It's true that Sony is also trying to break into the streaming market with PS Now. However, there is a lot of work to be done to even get to the heels of what Microsoft has on the table. Also because even in its beta phase, Project xCloud already has over 50 titles while Stadia has only 26.

Microsoft killed Stadia and got the upper hand over PS5 – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.


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