Mega-Sena must raffle $ 125 million on Thursday after accumulating 11 times


After 11 consecutive draws, Caixa Econômica Federal estimates it will award a prize of R $ 125 million to the Mega-Sena winner. The draw is scheduled for Thursday (2) at 8pm. The draw, which usually takes place on Wednesdays, was exceptionally transferred due to the Labor Day holiday.

With the prize, you can buy, for example, 4545 Chery QQ, zero kilometer. The model is considered the cheapest car in the country. According to the automaker's website, each one costs R $ 27,490 in cash. If the future millionaire wants to boast a little more, it is also possible to acquire five executive jets, worth R $ 25 million each.

If the winner is the type that does not like to spend, there is no problem either. According to Caixa, if the money is fully invested in the savings, it is possible to receive R $ 464 thousand per month, only with the return on investment.

How to bet

According to Caixa, bets can be made until 7:00 pm on Thursday. In addition to the lottery houses, you can also try your luck on the online Lottery portal, paying by credit card. Clients with access to internet banking can also use the system to forward bets

The Mega-Sena admits bets of six to 15 numbers. The more numbers you enter, the higher the value. The bet can cost between R $ 3.50 to R $ 17,517.50. Consequently, the chances of taking the prize also increase. Those who make the minimum bet have a chance to win, by more than 50 million. Those who bet as much as possible have one chance in every 10,000.

For those who want to increase the odds but do not mind dividing the prize, an opportunity is the box's boom. In the lottery itself, the bettor can buy a betting quota usually made with more than six numbers.


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