Marcio Atalla will present new series of health in the "Fantastic" – 11/05/2018


Professor of Physical Education, specializing in high-performance training and postgraduate in Nutrition, Marcio Atalla prepares a new health series for the "Fantastic".

Following the success of the "Measure Right" framework, the goal now is to combat sedentary lifestyle, a problem that kills more than obesity, according to European research.

Because of this new work, Atalla has been in six countries to follow and be able to show what some cities offer as an option of mobility, education, change of habits and integration with the environment to face this evil.

With four episodes, the series is scheduled to debut later this month.
Atalla started at Globo in 2011, after creating and launching the "Right Measure" in "Fantástico", changing the lifestyle of presenters Zeca Camargo and Renata Ceribelli.

And it gained even more projection when taking, for the same picture, the ex-player Ronaldo Phenomenon.

He also lost weight "in the air", names like Fábio Porchat, Preta Gil, Gaby Amarantos and Cesar Menotti.

A good majority of them, unfortunately, only in the air.

What harm do you ask?

Will the new morning paper on Band still come out this year?

There were even hostesses chosen. It looks all that fell into oblivion.

It's in the plans

Globo also has in its plans to produce a series of Miguel Falabella. His idea, presented to Gloria Perez, is to develop a story about two neighbors who love and hate each other.

To enter production line still lack the approval of director Silvio de Abreu.

It's clear

Among the many series projects that Globo has received, several will be produced, but only a few will be shown on open TV.

The explanation is simple: there will be no room for everyone. Most will go to streaming.

Heart in hand

Day 15 is now the deadline for the Band to reach an agreement with Disney. Or Disney reaches an agreement with the Band.

Let it be clear: this has not happened until now, at the sole and exclusive will of the Americans. They are playing hard and using a lot of caution.

Opening Theme

"The Chain", success of Fleetwood Mac group, will be the opening song of the novel "The Seventh Guardian", that opens 12 in the Globe.

Zé Ramalho and Paulo Miklos also confirmed on the soundtrack.


Milhem Cortaz has his justified concerns with his new character, a delegate in "The Seventh Guardian", who has a habit of wearing women's panties.

The problem is not so much with the impact or the repercussion of this, but rather managing the prejudice of some people.

How it works

Roberto Kovalick, Renata Ceribelli, Aline Midlej and Thais Itaqui will hold debates at the fifth edition of the "Menos30 Fest", Globo's entrepreneurial culture festival, scheduled for the 10th, at Unibes Cultural, in São Paulo.

The agenda this year is "How do we do a future?", Addressing the multiple possibilities opened by the technological revolution.

Paschoal Rodriguez)
Juliana Alves is one of the protagonists of the movie "Running Back Image: Paschoal Rodriguez)

The ex

Juliana Alves is in the cast of "Running Back", like Jurema, ex-wife of Ventania, paper of the protagonist Ailton Graça. Indebted and without money to pay his son's pension, he decides to become soccer manager and discover new talents.

Also in the cast of this comedy, Hélio de La Peña, Juan Paiva, Lázaro Ramos, Teka Romualdo, Rocco Pitanga and Lellêzinha. The film will be shown this Monday at the Rio Festival, and will hit theaters in the first half of 2019.


Dudu Azevedo, protagonist in "Jesus", continues to rave about the rhythm of recordings of the novel.

Incidentally, a complaint that is not only his, although some do not have enough courage to give face to face. For example, the texts, and from the beginning, continue to be delivered late.


But not all are problems in "Jesus." Because of the change in the order of the novels, now with a macrosserie in the middle and "Genesis" postponed, the cast renewed contract and records until February.

There are a lot of people celebrating this extra little thing.

Fine Tuning

The special "O Fino da Bossa", with presentation by Luciana Mello and Pedro Mariano and already recorded, is not scheduled to premiere on Record. Not for this month or the next.

According to the station, they are still looking for a date.

Image / Youtube
Kíria Meurer, Globo reporter Image: Image / Youtube


Kíria Meurer, from Santa Catarina, is a good reporter. But he exaggerates in the passages and in his presence on the scene, often unnecessarily.

In "Globo Reporter", last Friday, a beautiful program, by little, but for very little, she did not appear more than Andalusia.

Beat – Rebate

• "1 for Everyone", entrepreneurship reality, is the debut of the Band on Monday at 10:30 p.m. Presentation by Caroline Ribeiro …
• … And the results of this first "1 for Everyone" will be decisive for a possible second season.
• According to Turner, the Champions League and League of Nations games are being watched by an average of 1 million people on Facebook …
• … PSG games in the league, with Neymar on the pitch, lead the pay-TV audience via TNT.
• Promoted the international correspondent of Rede TV! in New York (USA), Luciana Camargo is about to complete her second month ahead of the new role.
• There is no way: in Rio, many Globo employees only refer to the drama complex like Projac …
• … And it's been a while since we moved to Estúdios Globo.
• Paulo Goulart Filho is divided between "Dancing Brazil" in Record and the trips of the musical "Chaplin".
• Fernanda Gentil's ticket to Globo Entertainment will only be announced and dealt with at the beginning of next year …
• … even with the definition of your new functions.

* Collaborated with José Carlos Nery


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