Maiara makes guest list for Fernando's party: "I lied to him" – Marie Claire


Maiara and Fernando (Photo: Reproduction Instagram)

The singer Maiara is leading the organization of the boyfriend's birthday party, the singer Fernando Zor, which will be held next Monday, 22, in São Paulo.

In a live on social networks on Wednesday night, he said that Maiara is responsible for the lisleota of guests. "Just to warn the people who are asking to go to my party: whoever is doing the party is her. Whoever asks to go to the party, I'll leave her phone number," he joked. "Guys, the worst is that you go all over Brazil, and I licked his counters," she said. "The counties" fell "everything, the friends" fell "everything," continued Fernando, who turns 35 on the 21st.

The two took the opportunity to talk about the singer's jealousy regarding the singer's dancers Leonardo. It's that they became news after the singer asked the backwoodsman not to take their dancers to the party. "The people were thinking that you were angry because of the dancers, those people who do not understand a joke," Fernando said. "I'm going to dance with them," she answered, laughing.

I want to get married

Still on Wednesday, Maiara said she wants to formalize the relationship with Fernando. The marriage is in the plans of the artist, who already spends most of her free time at his home in São Paulo.

"I'm looking forward to getting married, but it's difficult. There's still a lot of ground," she said. Maraisa confessed to being jealous of his twin sister. "You're only going to get married if I let you," he teased.

Maiara and Fernando took up dating in March. Rumors of the novel, however, began in January when the two traveled together to the United States.

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