Kieza loses incredible goal, Botafogo only ties with Juventude and complicates – 04/04/2019


Botafogo reacted but did not get the turn over Juventude, who handled and celebrated the tie by 1 to 1 today at Nilton Santos. Paulo Sérgio opened the scoring and Erik closed the scoring.

The game was marked by the incredible goal lost by Kieza already in the extras. He received a pass from Luiz Fernando and, without goalkeeper, sent out. Alvinegro was better throughout the match, but failed to pierce the youth boom that closed completely after scoring his goal in the match.

The result is bad for Botafogo who can not miss in the return match, in Caxias do Sul (RS) next Thursday at Alfredo Jaconi. In case of a new tie, the vacancy will be defined on penalties. Whoever wins in normal time, qualifies.

The best: Dener

Youth shirt 10 had great performance. Besides showing quality with the ball in the feet also had great role in the marking. In addition, goalkeeper Marcelo Carné also closed the goal and made several defenses that prevented the defeat.

The worst: Kieza

Center forward lost the position to Diego Souza, but continues to irritate the fans. This Thursday he lost an incredible goal and will carry the weight of the draw even without being the only culprit.

Ex-Fla cala Nilton Santos and provokes Botafogo

The game got very caught in the middle of the field and Botafogo could not make the initial pressure to play at home. Worse. In the bustle, he saw the Youth fit into a counterattack and open the scoring in a corner. Paulo Sérgio took advantage of a collective fault and kicked in the right corner of Gatito Fernández. Formed in the basic categories of Flamengo, he provoked the Alvinegro with gesture of the chororô.

Botafogo puts pressure

At a disadvantage, Botafogo started to change passes and force an arrival in the big area. Some good moves occurred and the owners of the house gained confidence in the game. Erik kicked hard and saw the ball left for Marcinho, who crossed from the right. The defense went badly wrong and João Paulo amended from first to great defense of Marcelo Carné.

Confusion and expulsion

When Botafogo seemed to take the reins of the match, a great confusion changed the panorama. Paulo Sérgio, the same one that provoked the Alvinegro, if disagreed with John Paul. The two exchanged assaults and received the red card. Coach Zé Ricardo did not move the team and only adjusted the positioning

Youth 'quits' to play

After the expulsion, Juventude practically gave up playing. As soon as he stole Botafogo's ball, he would kick as hard as he could and return the ball to the owners of the house. The Alvinegro, then, started an attack against defense and only did not get the tie because Marcelo Carné had a spectacular performance. The main defense occurred in a kick at Gabriel's point of view.

Dominant, Botafogo ties with Erik

The second half started the same way the first half ended. Botafogo was looking for the attack while the Youth was only defending itself. Alvinegro needed a few minutes to drill the boom and pull the tie. Gabriel called the responsibility also on the frame of the plays and played for Jonathan who opened his legs and left the measure to Erik. The striker suffered a penalty and converted with category: 1 to 1.

Pimpão overcomes boos and stays in the near

Vaiado in the first half, came back different for the second time. More sharply, he fell well at the ends and almost got the turn twice. First received on the right and kicked to goal when seeing that there was no one in the area. The ball went near the post of Marcelo Carné. Soon after, the striker pulled counterattack and again sent to good defense of the Youth goalkeeper.

Botafogo presses but stays in the draw

Botafogo played enough to get the turn. The bad aim and good performance of Marcelo Carné, however, were decisive for the tie. Kieza, who entered the second half, lost goal already made in additions when sending out already without goalkeeper.


Date and time: 04/01/2019, at 9:30 p.m. (from Brasilia)
Local: Nilton Santos, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Referee: Flavio Rodrigues de Souza (SP)
Auxiliary: Alex Ang Ribeiro and Miguel Cataneo Ribeiro da Costa (SP)

Yellow Cards: Jonathan (BOT) Rafael Jataí (JUV)
Red Cards: João Paulo (BOT) Paulo Sérgio (JUV)
Goals: Paulo Sérgio, with 19 minutes of the first half; Erik, 5 minutes into the second half

Gatito Fernández; Marcinho (Luiz Fernando), Marcelo Benevenuto (Bochecha), Gabriel and Jonathan; Alex Santana, Cicero, João Paulo and Rodrigo Pimpão (Kieza); Erik and Diego Souza.
Technician: Zé Ricardo

Marcelo Carné; Vidal, Genílson, Sidimar and Eltinho; Rafael Jataí; Denner, Moses, Lennon and Dalberto; Paulo Sergio.
Technician: Marquinhos Santos


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