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Judith (Isabela Garcia) will show another trait of her personality that the public was unaware of The Seventh Guardian. Upon discovering that Luz (Marina Ruy Barbosa) wants to tell Junior (José Loreto) everything about the brotherhood, she will use a kind of witchcraft and will prevent the redhead from opening the door and leaving the house, as in the times that Leon cat did this to intimidate Gabriel (Bruno Gagliasso). Light will be irritated by Judith's attitude.

At first, it will seem that Judith has a supernatural gift, but Feijão (Cauê Campos) will also be involved in this new mystery. From the garden, the boy will shiver before the door closes with everything, as if he senses an invisible presence.

The author, Aguinaldo Silva, also wrote at the closing of the scene that it will be Bean who will open the door, "with the most innocent face in the world", saying that the latch stuck and it was just a matter of "way" to be able to open.

In the novel of the nine of the Globe, Junior realized that Light was hiding something from him after the redhead plucked Gabriel from the coma with a kiss. The city clerk demanded that the bride no longer have secrets with him.

Sinister trick

Luz decides to go after the mayor's son to reveal everything he knows. "You'll regret it" will threaten Judith. When the redhead catches the doorknob, the door will slam shut. "You do not scare me! I've seen this trick before," the little girl will scream. "It's not a trick," the housekeeper replied.

"I do not care! Open that door now," the teacher will scream nervously. Judith will remain static before the various complaints that the redhead will do. "I think you'd better calm down," the maid said. "Open this damn door now, or I will not answer for myself," the young lady will release.

"You can not do that, there are already a lot of people who know what they should not!" Junior is going to be one more, which will make things even harder for us, "the maid will let go. "We're included, Judith?" Luz asked. "I'm not a guardian, but I've dedicated all these years of my life to the brotherhood and I know the danger she's running," will rebuff Isabela Garcia's character.

"You're not going to hold me here, you're not going to take me hostage inside that house," Light protests. "Of course not, Luz. Everyone is free here," Judith says, trying to open the door and will not be able to. In that, the door will open from the outside, and Feijão will comment that he heard their cries. The sequel aired in the chapter this Saturday (20).

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