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Josiane Treated 'Queen' After Going Evangelical · TV News


Josiane (Agatha Moreira) will make a confession to Gerusa (Ana Furtado) in the chapter Tuesday (19) of A Dona do Pedaço. Maria da Paz's daughter (Juliana Paes) will reveal that she was treated as a "queen" by the Captain (Miwa Yanagizawa) after she became evangelical.

Following this, it will not be considered that this would be the reason for the murder of Jardel (Duio Botta) and Lucas (Kainan Ferraz) to attend the cult and change their behavior. However, the bandit's speech may be a clue, as author Walcyr Carrasco keeps the spoiled outcome of the spoiled and says it will surprise the public.

For the novelist to make an impact and surprise, the criminal's redemption cannot be for real. After all, if she does end up taking religion seriously on an Amazon mission, it would be consistent with what is being shown in the nine o'clock soap opera.

Gerusa will pick Josiane from the cell for them to go to the service. The two will invite the Captain, but the leader of the prisoners will not bump into. As they move away from her, Ana Furtado's character will comment that Captain is a very tough woman.

"There are so many crimes on his back that he thinks he has no way. Has he treated you well?" She will ask the pupil. "Like I'm a queen. But I make a point of working, helping. You know, my life here has improved a lot after I went to services with you," reveals the supposedly redeemed little girl.

A testimony

In worship, Gerusa will give her testimony before the other prey and will tell how she was saved from her sins by faith. "I had so much hatred in my heart. I got beaten up by my husband, how many times I've told you. I killed him out of hate. Listen to my testimony, sisters, I was like an animal," says Josiane's spiritual leader.

Then the daughter of the goalkeeper will also give her testimony. "I'm Josiane. But just letting me be called Joe. My mother worked, fought, gave me everything. I grew up spoiled, was driven by ambition, wanted more and more … So, I fell in love with a man, Regis [Reynaldo Gianecchini], and I made a plan to take my mother's money. Because of this plan, I killed a first time, "he will say.

"Then I killed a second too to make sure my plans go down. But I just lost … I lost more and more … I fell … And now I regret my sins. I want … I I want salvation, "Josiane continues, before receiving the pastor's blessing and shouting" hallelujah. "

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