Jerry Smith's show ends with banging, looting and vandalism; view videos


The singer Jerry Smith had to close his show earlier during a performance in Marabá, Pará. According to the singer, who was already on stage with musicians and dancers, the military police were in place to end the show, which happened at the Empire Events venue.

According to Jerry and also reports on social networks, the house did not have the necessary authorizations to carry out the event. "If you do not stop now you run the risk of being arrested," the singer told a crowded audience.

After the "message" the confusion began. Videos and photos of the party venue show the breaking breaks. Many payers revolted and left breaking tables, chairs, led panels and there are reports of looting in the stalls selling food and drink.

On the afternoon of this Saturday, Sept. 17, Jerry spoke about what happened in his stories on the Instagram. "I'm very sad for what happened yesterday, I wanted to make it very clear that I was very anxious to do the show, but for reasons of force majeure we could not perform the whole show," without touching the subject of the aftermath.

The organization stated through a note on the Instagram: "Our licenses are all current and up-to-date to be used and rented as the proper laws. When the event is done with ticket sales, in our contract there is a clause that the contractor has the responsibility to provide the licenses of the Civil Police, Fire Department, SEMA for the event to bake within the law. The Jerry Smith show was not canceled because of Empire Events. "


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