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It seems that Lamborghini will announce an electric hypercar at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Automobili Lamborghini is one of the noblest and most radical car manufacturers in the world. Their models are perpetuated on posters on various bedroom walls and the next bolide – which seems to be an electric or hybrid hypercar – will be announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show!

In a few weeks we will be able to meet the brand new hypercar of the Italian brand… Until then, let's stay with the image that the brand published of it on Instagram!

Lamborghini Terzo Milennio

About ten years ago Lamborghini did not develop a hybrid hypercar to cope with the Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 and McLaren P1. The bull brand has decided to stick to its conventional engines, but that could change very soon!

According to the latest information, the manufacturer is developing a car to announce to the world at the Geneva Motor Show. Everything indicates that it will be the first step in electrifying your engines!

When evaluating the image posted on Instagram by Lamborghini herself, it can be seen that the design will be very identical to concept Terzio Millennio. A model presented in 2017 and developed in conjunction with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Especially in front optics, where the “light signature” is quite identical! This one concept At the time it stood out for being an electric hypercar without batteries. Thus, its energy was stored in the body panels.

Apart from the image posted by Lamborghini on social networks, more details about the car are completely unknown. However, given its resemblance to Terzio Millennio, it is very likely that it may follow the engines chosen by the manufacturer in the developments of this concept. That is, the next top of the line Lamborghini has a high probability of being hybrid or even an electric hypercar!

The Frankfurt Motor Show starts on September 12 and you can count on Pplware to keep up with the latest in electric mobility, autonomous driving and inherent technologies!

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