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Intel Xe Dedicated Video Card Begins Testing

GPU due to be introduced in early June 2020 and released months later

THE Intel Xe, The first dedicated graphics card from the popular CPU maker, still exists and is undergoing testing with the company's team engineers. The confirmation came through the official Twitter account of Intel Discrete Graphics Director Chris Hook, who just paraphrased the Dr. Frankenstein saying, "she is alive!"

In a meeting with investors, the Intel CEO Bob Swan, said that the team Chipzilla managed to plug in the first model of the Intel Xe DG1 graphics card in their labs. Finally, the model gave signs of life – almost literally.

According to the website Tweak town, Intel's first discrete GPU is expected to be officially announced in early June 2020, when the major hardware fair will take place. Computex Taiwan. The official launch of the model to the market is expected to take place only months after this announcement.

According to the publication, Intel is already underway to launch a 7nm GPU in 2021 – that is, between 14 and 26 months from now. Meanwhile, the manufacturer is expected to ship developer kits for the Intel Xe DG1 graphics card.

On the other hand, as the Tweak townThey are certainly at such an early stage of development that developers who receive the kit should only be able to conduct very basic analysis and testing.

Via: Tweak Town

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