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INSS formula changes at the end of the year

The worker who intends to retire under the INSS formula 85/95 has little more than a month to take advantage of the rule – which serves to avoid deduction of the social security factor. As of December 31, the table climbs a step and becomes valid rule 86/96, postponing access to the benefit without the discount.

Formula 85/95 takes into account the contribution time and the worker's age. Adding the two, you have to reach 85 points for women and 95 for men. In this way, a male worker who has completed 60 years of age and 35 years of contribution, for example, can apply for retirement without falling into the so-called social security factor – an option that reduces the benefit of those who retire early.

The formula 85/95 provides for a schedule every two years, to reach 90 points (for women) and 100 points (for men) in 2026. In order to calculate retirement, the INSS averaged the 80% contribution salaries since July 1994. If you choose by factor, the taxpayer will have discount. Already by 85/95, he will receive the equivalent of that average salary.

With the approval of a pension reform, however, the formula 85/95 calendar will lose its value.

Over the past year, when discussions about retirement have gained momentum, the Brazilian who could file for the 85/95 retirement petition ran to secure the benefit. Between 2016 and 2017, the number of people who managed to retire by this rule grew by more than 11%.

In 2017, more than 531 thousand Brazilians had their pensions granted by the – 37% of the total benefits that came out last year under the General Social Security System (RGPS). This year, with Social Security in the background during the election campaign, 357 thousand retirements were granted until September 85/95 – 50.9 thousand less than in the same period of 2017.

The INSS points out that, even if the insured person takes time to be treated by the agency, what is good for the Pension Plan to start the process is the date the request for the appointment was made.

Eye Reform

With the prospect of the future government of Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) reform the Social Security, however, who is close to completing the minimum age and contribution time to retire by 85/95 is worried.

One of the proposals includes the adoption of the minimum age for retirement and a capitalization regime, whereby new entrants into the labor market contribute to their own retirement.

"All I do not want now is to have to pay a toll," says Josilda de Lima, a 55-year-old from São Paulo. Currently unemployed, she has been waiting for more than a year for a certificate from the old job, to be able to prove that she has enough contribution time to apply for the 85/95 retirement.

"I used to work as a school inspector, because I'm unemployed today, my husband who is a bus driver is paying the bills at the end of the day, but the delayed bills do not leave much choice, getting a pension will help us a lot. "

"In my office, many clients ask if they have time to anticipate retirement and are running after the benefit now," says social security lawyer João Paulo Ribeiro. Between September and October, he estimates that there was a 20% increase in demand for services compared to the same period in 2017. "After the elections, and with the reform gaining new strength, the trend is for a new increase."

The president of the Brazilian Institute of Social Security Law (IBDP), Adriane Bramante, the formula has opened an important alternative for the worker to spend more time in the market before stopping work. "It has made people postpone retirement.Many people are afraid of the changes in the rules of Welfare, but there is no reason to panic.The taxpayer must do the math and file the application in the INSS, if already meet the requirements. "

She argues that although the need to reform Welfare has not been properly discussed during the election campaign, it is necessary to discuss changes with society before approving new rules.

The way the debate was last year ended up having a negative effect on public opinion., says Adriane. "To say that the current model is with the days of contacts, as it has been put, serves to put the retirement scheme into disrepute. The government needs to present solutions that prolong the health of the system."

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