In the Senate, Moro denies collusion with the MP, claims to have been targeted by a 'criminal group' and says he would leave office if proven irregularities; watch


BRASÍLIA e RIO – In speaking to the Commission on Constitution and Justice (
) of
about the
leaked conversations
with the prosecutor
Deltan Dallagnol
, the Minister of Justice,
Sergio Moro
, said on Wednesday that he had no attachment for the job and that, if there were proven irregularities on his part against the
Operation Lava-Jet,
will resign. The former federal judge defended that the website "The Intercept Brazil" handed over to the authorities the full content of the content that underlies the reports published so far, so that the full information comes to light.

Moro reiterated during the six-hour session that the dialogues shown so far are "completely normal" and stated that he can not recognize the authenticity of the material revealed by the site. For the minister, the disclosure of the dialogues is the result of the work of a group of criminal hackers.

"I have no attachment to the position itself. The site that shows everything, all the talks, and if there is irregularity, I leave the post, "Moro said when responding to Senator Jaques Wagner (PT-BA).

The MP of the PT suggested that there were abuses in the conduct of the Lava-Jet, of which he himself was targeted. Wagner mentioned that shortly after receiving the visit of the Federal Police (PF), a delegate granted an interview with the accusation of a deviation millionaire. At the end of the report, the Petista questioned whether Moro did not consider that Lava-Jet could have made mistakes and asked if he would consider leaving office. It was then that the minister admitted that he would do so if there were proven irregularities on his part.

Watch the audience with Moro in
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'Criminal daring'

Moro reminded the committee that
had the cell invaded
at the beginning of the month, but that, so far, there is no evidence of access to the contents of the device. Intercept claims to have received material from an anonymous source before this episode. The minister said he suspected that the invasions of the authorities' cell phones did not come from amateurs.

– I confess that this time I was surprised by the level of villainy and baseness of these people responsible for the attack, the criminal daring to invade or try to invade telephones of prosecutors of the Republic, including the phone number of the Minister of Justice, and use this not for the purpose of public interest, but rather to undermine anti-corruption efforts.


The facts cited by Moro and Dallagnol in leaked dialogues

The minister pointed out that the Federal Police investigation is underway, but has revealed suspicion that the invasions of cell phones of prosecutors and judges were the work of a criminal group.

"It's not a teenager with bones in front of the computer, but a structured criminal group," Moro said. – In my opinion, in particular, although the facts are being investigated, there is a criminal group behind these attacks. After all, there are a lot of people who have suffered invasions or attempted intrusions, which points to the possibility of not being an isolated hacker.

The former judge said he may have said "some things" that have been disclosed, but that others have caused him "strangeness." And noted that the content may have been tampered with.

"I do not have these messages on my cell phone anymore. I used the Telegram in a certain period. In 2017, I ended up thinking that that application of Russian origin was not a very safe vehicle. And I've been on the Telegram ever since. I do not have these messages to be able to say whether that is authentic or not, "he said. "There are some things I might have said." There are some things that make me weird. These messages can be totally or partially tampered with.

'There is no collusion'

Moro once again affirmed the normality of relations between magistrates and parties, especially, according to him, in criminal law, since the judge is responsible for evaluating the legality of investigative acts, as well as condemning or acquitting the accused. Moro denied that there was any collusion between him and the prosecutor Dallagnol and mentioned that he acquitted about 20% of those reported by the Public Ministry in Lava-Jato.

"There is no collusion. There is disagreement, said the minister noting that he does not see any infractions in the messages published, even if they eventually have confirmed authenticity.


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