In Israel, Bolsonaro again criticizes IBGE's methodology for measuring unemployment


RIO – President Jair Bolsonaro once again criticized the methodology adopted by the IBGE to measure the unemployment rate in Brazil. In an interview given to TV Record on Monday night during a visit to Jerusalem, the president said that the method used to verify the number of unemployed people in the country does not correspond to reality. According to him, "they seem indices made to deceive the population".

In October of last year, as president-elect,
Bolsonaro had already classified IBGE's unemployment calculation methodology as a "farce"
. On the occasion, after speaking of Bolsonaro, the IBGE said that the unemployment survey
follows international standards

In Monday's interview, Bolsonaro again criticized the fact that Bolsa Família beneficiaries are not considered unemployed. He said that when there is an increase in demand for employment, unemployment rises.

– How is the rate made today? It takes into account who is looking for a job, only who is looking for a job. Who does not seek employment is not considered unemployed (…). So when there is a small improvement in the employment issue in Brazil, those people who were not looking for a job, look for it, and when they look for it and do not find it, the unemployment rate increases. It is something that does not measure reality. They look like indices that are meant to deceive the population, "said Bolsonaro.

The figures show, however, that the increase in unemployment in February, when
the rate rose to 12.4%
and the total number of unemployed returned to more than 13 million, was not caused by a greater demand for vacancies.

On the contrary, the number of discouraged Brazilians, that is, who are available to work, but for some reason, stopped looking for a job, increased to 4.85 million, a record level, according to the latest IBGE survey on the subject , of February.

In addition, the number of Brazilians out of the workforce, that is, who are neither employed nor seeking employment, is also a record: 65.7 million.

According to the president, the methodology used by IBGE is not the correct one.

– Who generates employment is the private sector. I have said here, I was very criticized, and I repeat: they do not interest the critics. I have to tell the truth. With all respect to IBGE, this methodology, in spite of being applied in other countries, is not the correct one.

According to the president, it is easy to arrive at the correct methodology with regard to the unemployment rate:

– It is you to see bank data and data with the Secretary of Labor, how many jobs we generate the most per month or how much we lose. It's very simple.

The Secretariat of Labor releases monthly the General Register of Employees and Unemployment (Caged). Caged only considers workers who have a formal contract and are governed by the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT). The information is provided by the companies, in their admissions and hiring records.

In Caged, therefore, workers without a portfolio are not counted, nor are those who work for their own account or for civil servants.

The IBGE survey, called National Survey by Sample of Permanent Domicile (Pnad), visits more than 211 thousand homes in 3,464 municipalities across the country and investigates all types of occupation in the labor market. In February, IBGE found that there were 92.1 million Brazilians employed. Of these, only 33 million were employed with a formal contract.

The survey follows the parameters defined by the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Reform of Social Security

The president stressed that he is ready to dialogue with Congress, and that the conversation with parliamentarians will happen more intensively from now on. When to
Previdênci reform
Bolsonaro said he expected the proposals to be improved by parliamentarians.

Calculate how much time is left for your retirement

– I have been a Member for 28 years, I am very familiar with Parliament. We will certainly come to fruition, because what I presented to Parliament with the Social Security reform is not a project of mine or my government, it is from Brazil. Parliament is very important in refining these proposals. You can not go without voting because Brazil loses as a whole.

According to the president, if Brazil does not approve the pension reform, the country will be a step away from an economic chaos where everyone will lose:

– The ball is with the legislature now. They're going to have some little fights, but these little fights do not turn into a divorce.

On his second day of official visit to Israel, Bolsonaro said he plans to meet with party leaders next Thursday to discuss pension reform, and is confident that it could be approved by July.
 The president denied that the differential regime for the military is an obstacle.

– Brazil has to show that it is doing its homework, with our balanced accounts. The pension reform is necessary for this, rebalancing our accounts, the investment will go to Brazil – said the president.


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