Immune to the vexame of the Selection, Reinier returns to Flamengo prohibited to enter the Nest and to train among professionals | Flamengo


Three goals, assist and moments of brilliance amid the vexation. Reinier left Peru immune to the elimination of Brazil in the first phase of South American U-17. The performances stirred the imagination of the Flamengo fan, but the interdiction of the Urubu's Nest will delay the expected final integration of the professional team.

With a fine of more than R $ 300 million, the programming of the soccer department pointed to the definitive permanence of the midfield among the professionals after the competition in Peru. Age, in turn, has become a hindrance, since minors under the age of 18 are prohibited from entering the TC.

Reinier has turned 17 on January 19 and will have to wait for the complete release of the training center to show the day-to-day football that has already charmed Abel Braga. No wonder, the coach included the promise in the list of subscribers in the Copa Libertadores of America.

Without training with his future teammates, Reinier will not be on the bench on Wednesday when Rubro-Negro faces Peñarol for the fourth round of Group D. In Brazil, the jewel awaits a definition of his schedule.

Despite being of age for U-17, Reinier will work in the U-20 until the Vulture's Nest is able to receive him. The current trend, however, is that the youngster has days off due to the marathon he has faced since the end of last year.

A hero of the Brazil Under-17 World Cup title, against Fluminense in Maracanã, Reinier amended his participation in the Copa São Pulo Junior Football, where he scored in four games and played for U-17.

In October, the youngster is Brazil's hope to return with the U-17 World Cup home scrimmage. For being thirsty, the country is classified and the tokens rest on the shoulders of the shirt 10 and captain. Until then, Flamengo works to count on its most promising Nest Boy among the professionals.

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