Sunday , December 8 2019
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Illegal hacker shower clip may have been installed in PF cell

The Federal Police are investigating the installation of an alleged illegal staple inside a cell in the Superintendence of the institution in Brasilia. Trapped in the second phase of Operation Spoofing – which investigates cell phone invasions by authorities – programmer Thiago Eliezer Martins has reportedly removed a microphone from a prison shower where he and other suspected hackers of several Republic authorities are being held. The device, once removed, would have been delivered by him to PF.

On Monday (11), investigators of the PF Corregedoria even collected hearings on the case, including a statement by Thiago Eliezer himself. A source from the PF itself confirmed that an investigation was officially opened to investigate the installation of the clamp in the cell. According to the same source, the lawyer of one of the suspects filed a formal complaint with PF, alleging that his client was the target of an illegal staple in the Superintendent's premises. Lawyers for other Operation Spoofing inmates say they should also make similar representations later this week.

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