Gracyanne Barbosa, dressed in a swimsuit, shows a powerful butt on the slab


Gracyanne Barbosa continues to be synonymous with boldness and good form.

The fitness muse and wife of the singer Beautiful posted a photo wearing a super-dyed swimsuit in white that shows off all the exuberance of her butt.

"Be happy every day, enjoy every moment, love and smile"wrote Gracyanne in the caption.

Followers went wild with the click. One uses the photos of the model as inspiration: "Every day the Gracyanne rubbing on the screen of my cell that has the most beautiful bush in the world and that I should go to train! Beautiful muse"Another follower found it difficult to deal with Gracy's butt and asked for help to the heavens:Jesus of Mercy, help!".

Earlier this Saturday (20), Gracyanne showed her family side while cooking with her granddaughter.

The fitness queen shared the solution for anyone who wants to enjoy Easter without leaving the diet.

At Instagram, Gracy taught the preparation and her assistant caught the eye. The little one Alice, granddaughter of the model, helped Grandma and charmed the followers with her cuteness. "My helper today has rocked, right ?!", subtitled the model.

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