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After the "Cut and Trim" function announced last Friday (29), Google is testing other features for the Google Photos platform. Information was obtained during 9TO5Google site testing.

One of the new features is a new way to share photos with friends and family. If you choose an app that does not support more than one image upload at a time (such as Slack), Google Photos will recommend users to create a link or a shared album.

When trying to share many images with applications like Gmail, the user can still reduce the size of the files from the "real" scale to the "big" scale, which does not sacrifice so much the quality of the photo.

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The publication further says that Google works on another method so that users can reduce the quality of the photo, consuming less data during sharing. Google Photos will also alert users that third-party applications can further compress the image.

Another feature that should receive changes is the Assistant tab. Currently there are icons that serve as shortcuts to creating a new album, movie, collage or animation. Instead of displaying the icons, Google Photos is testing two pill-shaped buttons, which will be the "Create New" and the "Photo Book".

The first option reveals a drop-down menu so the user can create an animation, collage or movie. The "album" option has been removed, but there are other ways to start a collection by selecting multiple images in the Photos tab, for example.

With the "Photo Book" function, the user can create a photo album for printing.

Picture on the right shows the current Google Photos interface. On the left, the layout with the new features. Image: Playback / 9TO5Google

To get the information, the 9to5Google website needed to decompile a version of Google Photos sent to the Play Store and identify news from the application source code. The move is common among developers, but does not mean that the feature will be launched by Google. It just indicates that the company is studying the possibility.

Source: 9to5Google

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