Google Duo has changed, see the app changes for Android and iOS


The Google Duo service allows users to make video calls from their mobile devices, Android or iOS. All you need to do is have the app installed on your phone or tablet. In addition, they can also use the web version, to enjoy their valences from your computer.

Now in order to continue to improve the service, the app has undergone profound changes in its operation.

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Surprisingly, all of these changes occurred on the server side. So you will not have to wait for an app update for your Android or iOS device via the App Store or Play Store. So all you have to do is open the application right now to realize its new design.

Google Duo has a new "face" in the app for Android and iOS

The novelties were first detected by the publication AndroidPolice, when examining the code of the application after the update distributed by the American technology itself. Once again, all the news was distributed by the company itself, from your server, without user interference.

With the new version for Android and iOS, it changes how we select a contact from our phone book. In addition, we can also select, from the outset, if we want to make a stream (streaming) video or just make a conventional VoIP voice call (grandfatherice over IP).

As a result of the upgrade, with a simple slide or swipe, you can switch between Voice and Video mode. Previously, you had to open the Google Duo application, select the contact or contacts, and then you could start an audio or video call. By the way, you can see the screenshots or screenshots, above.

A new way to interact with the app

Now the Mountain View technology has reversed logic, although it is possible to start by selecting one of the favorites. So, just open the app, select the person we want to call and then select the type of call. In addition, we can also send a text message.

In order to simplify access to text messages, just swipe down. A simple slide to, for example, choose the contact and start the conversation. First and foremost, you have the option to select a voice call, record a video or voice message, or, finally, start the video call.

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We can also send small doodles or scribbles within the video calls. It is a new way, found by the company, to streamline this mode of communication. Lastly, we also have a new way to select and define your favorite contacts. To do this, we have a new menu for this exact purpose.

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