Saturday , January 23 2021

'Good Success': Diogo Crimes Revealed

Armando Babaioff is Diogo (Photo: TV Globo)Armando Babaioff is Diogo (Photo: TV Globo)

In the next chapters of "Good success", Gisele (Sheron Menezzes) will reveal to Alberto (Antonio Fagundes) and Nana (Fabiula Nascimento) all crimes committed by Diogo (Arming Babaioff).

Gisele will make that decision after the villain says he is determined to kill his father-in-law. She will soon go to the mansion to alert Alberto and confess to him and her. Nana that was Diogo's lover. But upon hearing the secretary, the editor will not believe:

– You are completely changed. Diogo lived in this house for years, could have killed me if he had wanted to.

– He tried. At Sofia's Birthday Party (Valentina Vieira), Diogo put poison in his cup, but …

The editor will interrupt the girl and say again that this is all a lie. Gisele will insist:

– Diogo … He also killed Felipe (Arthur Sales)!


Paloma reveals that he loves Marcos

Diogo plans to kill Paloma

Diogo arms Nana

Paloma is Marcos and Alberto's fight pivot

Vera marries Alberto

Very scared, father and daughter will remain incredulous and ask for proof. Gisele will say that she does not have, but will make another revelation:

– Have more! He wanted the publisher to go bankrupt, for Eric (Jonas Bloch) buy and he gets a commission.

– That must be true. I've been suspicious since the first time I saw those two scumbags together! Good thing they weren't up to it, ”says Alberto.

– Then! THE Diogo OK Arming a lot – she will complete.


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