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Free Fire: Players and Influencers Point Out Which Cell Phone to Play

A number of factors help define which phone is right for you to buy, but these selection criteria may vary depending on your usage. Today it is possible to buy cell phones for those who want to shoot, for those who want details in photography or even gamer models.

For those who choose a model to play at high performance, the requirements change. Free Fire, for example, is a game used preferentially in mobile mode and compatible with models of different prices, from flagships to entry models. But for professional players, the choice is more judicious.

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And while the logic points to game-oriented models like the Black Shark and ROG Phone lines, respectively from Xiaomi and Asus, seem obvious, that's not the case.

And what mobile phone do players use in their games? THE AllCellular He followed the Free Fire World Series final, which took place at the Rio Carioca 1 Arena in Rio de Janeiro, and asked the players directly.

The Rules of the Game

Garena determines that in its competitions, the model to play is Samsung's Galaxy Note 9. The producer does not talk about the selection criteria but, as advantages, players and influencers point out the size and sensitivity of the screen.

Every player gets a model to play, which is in the arena and is set up on time, even to prevent hacking and other fraud, the rule applies even to players from abroad.

Although a dated model – the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus were recently launched, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor suite and options up to 8 GB of RAM help the game run smoothly.

Another curious factor is that mobile phones are not the models used by players in everyday life. In this case, each one chooses their favorites. There are those who play with iPhones – darling of streamers – or other models of Android, as is the case with international teams.

About gamers phones, gamers still do not believe that it can bring clear advantages in the game:

When you play on a phone with a good setup, it basically gives you no benefit or advantage in the game, it will do the same thing, the same function. Of course, because one is faster than the other, you will have that feeling that the phone is better, but ideally it doesn't get hot, because once it gets hot, it slows down to speed "
Cerol, pro-player and influencer.

Champions, Corinthians prefer iPhones

The newly formed Corinthhains team, which became world champion, was made up of players from other teams and streamers. And many of them didn't use Samsung's flagship, and the change forced the team to spend more hours training to adapt.

If we played eight hours with the old cell phone, we even doubled this time with the new cell phone to adapt and find the right sensitivity "
Luciano Fausto, Corinthians Free Fire Team Coach

And the adaptation was not the easiest. According to Fausto, coach of the team, the Samsung model has adaptive sensitivity that can be the same as a computer, and this allows more time for each player to find his point. The Corinthian team mostly played with iOS, which offers more options for unrestricted livestream by the number of people.

Regarding the possibility of adopting a new model for next season, Faust adopts caution: "I hope they have a good choice, because the phone really changes a lot in the game. If we can't get something that's cool for the type we have, the onscreen sensitivity is very difficult.", ends.

iPhone, Emulator and Xiaomi: Players Point Their Models

I only use the Galaxy Note Note 9 precisely because it is the Por League rule. Playing on an iPhone and then switching to Note 9 is something that impairs my gameplay. [Para jogar] the main thing is its sensitivity and size, the more sensitive the phone, the better "
Kronos, pro-player and MVP from last year.

A good phone is essential for gameplay, but nothing to stop you from training. If you want to be good, you have to train no matter what you are using, but Note 9 is essential, because in the world and championships everyone uses it, it has the big screen. [Se não der] It can be a Xiaomi. I play with emulator, but the difference is that it has a bigger screen, but the phone does not 'buga'. I don't understand much about cell phones, but I think a model with a bigger screen gives more game vision, you can see enemies further, you can drag your finger more and you can have a bigger grip.
Weedzão, athlete and Corinthians influencer

I play on the emulator, but the phone that is the Top 1 that everyone should use, even for the championship, is the Galaxy Note 9, a phone that Garena is using as a base, and you already training on a specific phone ends up being ideal for when you arrive in a Pro League to be used to. What changes for an iPhone is the sensitivity, the configuration, the size … The Note 9 is quite large, its size is very good, the sensitivity is a bit higher. "
Cerol, pro-player and influencer.

Reporter Dante Baptista traveled at the invitation of Garena

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