Facebook will launch tool that erases your personal data


The Clear History Tool was a tool announced by Facebook in May 2018 that prompted users to erase information garnered by social networking sites or third-party applications. At the time, the launch was considered only a measure of Mark Zuckerberg's company to try to regain the confidence of users after the various cases of privacy breach.

A little less than a month later, the Clear History Tool was announced by the chief financial officer (CFO) of Facebook, David Wehner during a conference. According to the executive, the tool will be released later this year and will act as a history cleaner, present in all current browsers. "It will be a simple way to clear your Facebook history – what you clicked, which sites you visited, and everything else," Zuckerberg explained in his personal Facebook. "The tool will start working by clearing information from sites and apps that use Facebook's advertising and analytics tools."

By clearing information from other sites, the tool could mean a major loss in Facebook's ability to customize its advertisements to certain users and generate revenue on top of that. "Overall, the Clear History Tool will make it difficult to target ads as effectively as before," Wehner explained.

Despite this, the CEO of the company sees as a necessary change to gain back user confidence. "This is the example of the kind of control we think we should offer. It's something that advocates of privacies asked for, and we're going to work to get it right. "


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