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Dora (Aline Moraes) will discover that she was rejected by Eugenio (Felipe Camargo) since she was in the womb of her mother in Mirror of Life. Grace (Patricya Travassos) will tell his daughter that she is also a Castle. After discovering that it is sister of Julia (Vitória Strada), the young person will take satisfaction with the colonel and will be renegade. She will steal the gold rings from which the bullet was shot that killed the girl and sentence her death.

The scenes are scheduled to air next Wednesday (27) in the novel of the six of Globe, when there will be only four chapters to the end. The laundress will make the revelation after biting the ex-lover. Annoyed, Eugenio will demand that she and the "bastards" leave the house in which they live, a property that belongs to them.

"We have to leave this house, Mother," Dora says, crying. "I could not accept the barbarity that he is doing with the comadre," Grace responds. She is referring to the fact that Piedade (Julia Lemmertz) has become a prisoner of her husband.

Dora will fear her and her mother being killed by the Colonel's henchmen. "Daughter, it is not fair, I swore on the image of the Virgin I would never tell you, but now you have the right to protect yourself and to fight for what is yours," the laundress will warn.

The colonel's contempt

Grace will then claim that her eldest daughter is heir to the colonel, as well as the youngest. Dora will freak out and go to the big house. You will find Eugenio drunk, and he will chase her like a mangy dog.

"I am your daughter, your heir, and I forgive neither my mother nor you for having deprived me of a better life," cries the suppressed one. of the last century.

Once more, she will hear his barbarities. "You and your sister Teresa [Clara Galinari] They're bastards! You will never receive my name, ever, "the villain will yell. Dora will report that she has lived on Julia's remains and will never settle for it.

She will pick up a box with Julia and Danilo's wedding rings (Rafael Cardoso), which will be on the table. When this scene happens, the colonel will have just discovered the secret marriage of the good guys.

The rejected one will "poison" even more Gustavo Bruno (João Vicente de Castro) against the couple. He'll show the rings and say that Julia made a fool of herself, since she was already married to the painter. "I hate her, I want her to die," she will shoot the character of Alinne Moraes.


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