Do you know the national capital of soybeans?


The municipality of Abelardo Luz is in Santa Catarina, has 18 thousand inhabitants and holds a title that brings a lot of pride to local people, but more so to soybeans: it is the national capital of soybean.

"Art. "The title came as a law in May 2014, by the signature of the then President of the Republic, Dilma Roussef.

The honor has not come to naught, since alone the municipality produces more than 50 thousand tons of soybean seeds per year, 50 varieties. Only seed production centers, there are 15 there. The inputs go to the crops of Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, São Paulo and also Mato Grosso do Sul.

Quality requirement

In Abelardo Luz beneficiation units the grains are separated by weight and those with defects go straight to the disposal. Each exchange of soybean variety requires that the machines be stopped one day for cleaning, to avoid mixing with seeds of other cultivars. The demands with quality are the basis of the work.

"The legislation of the Ministry of Agriculture specifies at least one soybean with 80% germination and 98% purity. But we can achieve numbers of up to 97% germination and 90% vigor. This is precisely why the climate environment favors this. The high vigor and physiological quality of the seed is very good here, "says the president of the Association of Seed Producers of the municipality, José Vogel, who also produces seeds.

Even the harvest of the seed there is different. Without desiccating the plant, to avoid damages. And the grain only leaves the crop when the humidity is at 14%, so that it is not necessary to go through drying and, thus, to keep the seed to the maximum.

"The producer in our region has production excellence. He does what he does and forego greater productivity to produce better-yielding commercial grains. It chooses to make the production of the seeds that are not so productive for our region, but which is good for other consumer markets ", comments the president of the Rural Union, Fabrício Luiz Stefani.

Event showcase for seeds

Between the 4th and 7th of this month, the municipality hosted the fair Exposoja, which received more than forty thousand people interested in knowing this important work. Canal Rural was not left out and led the Soja Brasil Forum to discuss the importance of quality seeds in the current Brazilian production system.

Exposoja has also been seen as "the opportunity to showcase the work done by them for the rest of the country." The national capital of soybeans is made from the efforts of farmers such as José Caetano Pacheco, soybeans grown for the sale of grains and the production of seeds that will make the harvest of other crops.

"It's a blessed land, is not it? Here everything that is planted gives. I'm 47 years old and I've never seen anyone say that they've lost something here, have not. You can go through some situation, some vintage frustration, but Abelardo Luz, whatever you plant gives. You can be sure, you can plant. Seed harvested here will succeed, "says Pacheco.

According to the mayor of the city, Wilamir Domingos Cavassini, the exhibition comes to crown and value these producers, showing Brazil the potential of Abelardo Luz. Our people are orderly and hardworking and want to show the country that we have a very strong investment potential and that agribusiness is very rich, "he says.

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Debate in the Soja Brazil Forum

Last Friday, the 5th, another Soja Brazil Forum of the 2018/2019 harvest was held, directly from the Exposoja fair, in Abelardo Luz (SC). The event, which brought together renowned panelists, discussed the importance of investing in quality seeds.

The mediator of the debate was Canal Rural teacher and commentator Dejalma Zimmer, who opened the works by showing a recent study on the difference between the normal development of a quality seed and inputs that have experienced some problem in their production.

A recent study showed that the quality seed yielded 237 pods, with cercospora yielding 168 pods, with bedbugs 77 pods, with humidity 67 and finally, with mechanization problem with 42 pods. This means that the worst case yields 80% less pods than the quality seed.

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