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Crowd accompanies inauguration of Christmas decoration in Campo Grande – Jornal CORREIO

An euphoria overtook Campo Grande on the night of Monday, 18, and it was no accident. City Hall promised special Christmas lighting and surprised a lot of people. Santa's House is back, as are the choir performances. This time, a musical cathedral and a village were also erected to celebrate the date. The structure is impressive for its grandeur.

Mayor ACM Neto arrived in Campo Grande with his daughters Lívia and Marcela, and his niece Gabriela. The family visited each of the spaces and the manager highlighted the teamwork to reach the result. He also thanked the deputy mayor, Bruno Reis, who embraced the project. It was six months of planning.

“I want to invite people to know this year's Christmas decorations. She is beautiful, impressive and exciting. It was made with great care and affection, bringing much more brightness, light and energy to this very special moment of the year, valuing families, bringing a message of peace and making the city even more enchanted for those who come to visit us ”, said Neto.

Anyone considering visiting the place is good to go with time. There are many spaces. Those who enter the gates in front of the Castro Alves Theater (TCA) are greeted by a structure that resembles the stained glass windows of the Gothic churches. The 'Cathedral of Light', as it was baptized, has a sound and light corridor. On the left, a luminous blue structure turned point of couples in love.

Mayor ACM Neto took his two daughters, Marcela and Lívia, and niece Gabriela, to see the decoration and make the traditional photo with Santa Claus (Photo: Betto Jr./CORREIO)

On the right, a crib with images of the Sagrada Familia stands out in the green grass of the square. In front, a Christmas tree extends from the base to the foot of the caboclo, where two bright stars resemble Belem's. They are 23 meters high.

Santa's house is across the square, with the throne of 'Good Old Man', and on the opposite side a brilliant locomotive is host to countless selfs. Between the house and the locomotive, a corridor with yellow houses and red roofs forms the village of Natal. In them the public finds crafts and gastronomy.

See photos of the Christmas decoration in Campo Grande:

Campo Grande is multicolored

Campo Grande is multicolored (Betto Jr./CORREIO)

Audience was surprised by decoration

Audience was surprised by decoration (Betto Jr./CORREIO)

Lights to wait 2020

Lights to wait 2020 (Betto Jr./CREREIO)

Tree 23 meters tall

Tree 23 meters high (Betto Jr./CREREIO)

Natalina Village

Vila Natalina (Betto Jr./CREREIO)

Little Helena Ribeiro, 3 years old, was impressed by the bright lights. And she had to be patient because her mother wanted to register the girl's presence in every space. First, with his hands on his hips. Then Helena pouted. And finally, a picture sitting by the tree.

“The decor was beautiful. They did a good job. I will bring my nephews too and I'm sure they will love it. There are so many places that I don't even know which one is the most beautiful to photograph ”, said the administrator Heloísa Ribeiro, 36, mother of the girl.

The municipality's investment in decoration was $ 5.2 million. In all, there will be 50 days of celebration until January 6. The City Hall program includes theatrical performances, a show and even a handicraft and gastronomy fair.

But the most awaited is the drone show, which will take place on December 22, 23 and 24, at Farol da Barra, Cajazeiras, Suburb and Imbuí. There will be 300 equipment flying over these points of the city and making a new presentation for the population.

The lighting director, Júnior Magalhães, stressed that some of the village's stalls are part of the Sister Dulce Social Works (Osid) and will have sales of coated products to the institution. He said about 100 street vendors will work in the next few days in the Dois de Julho square (Campo Grande).

“I have no doubt that Salvador doesn't lose to anyone regarding Christmas decorations. Our Santa Claus is black, representing the population of our city. We have a picture here of the Holy Dulce of the Poor. The people of Salvador have a lot to be proud of. ”said Junior Magalhães.

The city reported that there will be 20 lighted squares, 6.2 million microlamps in LED on the streets, 500 winding trees, about 750 pieces of light on poles and more than 600 hours of lighting.

The special decoration will be at Dique do Tororó, Municipal Square, Salvador Municipal Hospital, in Boca da Mata, and the facade of the Sister Dulce Social Works, in Largo de Roma. Farol da Barra received a bright garden and bright signs.

In addition to the special lighting, there will be more than 100 hours of Christmas shows and performances in various places of the city, with special emphasis on the sights.

Watch video about the Christmas decoration inauguration:

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