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The country recorded, for the third consecutive month, the creation of jobs with a formal contract. According to data released by the General Register of Employed and Unemployed (Caged), the Secretariat of Labor of the Ministry of Economy, the positive balance of formal employment reached 173,139 last month. This was the biggest positive balance for February since 2014 (260,823).

The result was 1,453,284 admissions and 1,280,145 layoffs. The stock of formal employment reached 38.6 million jobs.

In the two months of the year, the balance of generation of formal jobs reached 211,474. In the 12 months ending in February, 575,226 jobs were created.

According to the special Secretary of Social Security and Labor of the Ministry of Economy, Rogério Marinho, there is a sign of a "consistent recovery" of employment in the country.

"Our expectation is that this recovery will continue in the coming months mainly because the economy is doing well. This number of jobs generated in February is a demonstration that the proposed changes – such as flexibility, bureaucracy, a more liberal view of the economy – give confidence to the real economy in the process of resuming contractions, "he explained.

In the division by industry, seven of the eight sectors surveyed created formal jobs in November: services (112,412), manufacturing industry (33,472 jobs), public administration (11,395 jobs), construction (11,097 jobs), commerce (5,990 jobs), mineral extractivism (985 jobs) and industrial utilities, which encompasses energy and sanitation (865 jobs). There was a fall in the level of employment of agriculture and livestock (-3,077).

In the regional data, four of the five Brazilian regions created jobs with a formal contract in February. The Southeast led the opening of vacancies, with 101,649 jobs, followed by the South (66,021 jobs), Midwest, 14,316 and North, 3,594. The Northeast closed 12,441 stations. According to Marinho, this fall in the Northeast occurred due to a seasonal effect (typical feature of the period), with the end of the sugarcane harvest. In the region, which is more dependent on agriculture, there is employment generation in the period of planting, harvesting and processing of sugarcane and, later, a drop in formal employment.


The average admission salary in February was R $ 1,559.08 and the termination salary was R $ 1,718.79. In real terms (excluding inflation), there was a fall of 4.13% in the hiring salary and 0.2% in the dismissal.

Labor Reform

With respect to the changes introduced by the new labor law, the balance of intermittent jobs (in which the employee receives during working hours) reached 4,346 and in the partial, 3,404. The largest generations of intermittent workplaces occurred in the service sector (2,311) and commerce (973). In the case of part-time work, most of the posts generated were from the service sector (2,658), followed by commerce (424).

Withdrawals by arrangement reached 19,030 in February. Most occurred in the service sector, with 8,930 disconnections.

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