Saturday , October 23 2021

Councilman asks for accreditation from Imigrantes Hospital for care through SUS


The councilors approved during the session of Tuesday 11, a motion of appeal, authored by Councilman Ivan Martins (PSD), so that the direction of the Immigrants Hospital and Maternity make the accreditation in the Unified Health System (SUS) to attend of the population through the public system.

"We see all the difficulty of the Hospital Azambuja for the care of the people in the emergency room. The purpose of the motion is to make the Immigrants' leadership aware of the need to be accredited to the SUS in order to serve the needy people of the city and to help unburden Azambuja and Dom Joaquim and become one more service option. I see no reason not to want to be accredited, that the administration thinks about it. "

Councilman Celso Emydio (DEM) highlighted the intention of Ivan Martins, however, stressed that accreditation is not so simple. "The law requires that you prove two or three years of services through SUS at the institution. The Secretary of Health has the possibility of contracting through bidding for supplementation of the needs to help the emergency room, depends on conversation and resources. It's something to think about. "

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