Corinthians player says he had an affair with Bahls and Fontenelle at the same time


Manaus – Corinthians player Emerson Sheik, during a video entry on the YouTube channel of Marina Sanchez and Lara Lopes, claimed to have dated model Nicole Bahls and actress Antonia Fontenelle at the same time.

"Yes, I would have taken both at the time, but I had nothing serious with them either. They had their lives and I had no serious commitment to any, "he said.

Sheik went on with the statement: "When the schedule hit, we stayed, went out and talked. The truth is that it was nothing serious, had a feeling of caring, of liking and being close to each other. " The player was the pivot of the fight between Antonia and Nicole in 2014. They traded barbs on social networks and interviews.

During the video, Sheik also recalled the beginning of his career and the periods he spent outside the country. "I spent six years in Japan and I have a lot of affection there."

Emerson Sheik said he had an affair with Antonia Fontenelle and Nicole Bahls at the same time (Photo: Divulgaon)


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