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Black Friday knocks on the door and consumers await the annual retail event to get bigger discounts on purchases. But to avoid repentance or headache on the date, next November 23, you have to be aware – whether with the availability of the product, the term of the freight or even the legitimacy of the store in question.

"The main tip is to do shopping list. Which has higher added value and can wait (by Black Friday), such as smartphones or appliances, it is advised that the consumer should wait, "says Ricardo Bove, director of Black Friday.

Tatiana Pezoa, president of Trustvox, a platform that certifies consumer reviews, also reinforces the importance of transparency of the companies in which the purchase will be made. In a partnership held this Friday, 9, with the site Complain here, Trustvox will automatically include reviews of consumers from about 1,200 stores to the site, in which more than 600 thousand people research daily reputations of companies.

"The main job is to be reliable, to make the relationship between the consumer and Black Friday fair. Because consumers will have access to positive and negative comments, they are the ones who will balance at the time of purchase," explains.

And not only do consumers need more attention. Shopkeepers should also be on the lookout for possible fraudulent purchases, especially in cases of use of cloned cards. According to Tom Canabarro, co-founder of Konduto, a company that offers anti-fraud solutions for e-commerce, just as real consumers shop on fake sites, the opposite also happens. "It's important to analyze buying behavior. An 18-year-old who spent 5 minutes to buy an 'X' smartphone and has a platinum card, for example, is not a well-told story."

Check out tips for buying safely on Black Friday:

Trusted Stores

Before making a purchase, whether online or face-to-face, it is important to evaluate the store's reputation on referral sites, such as Complain here and Protest!, for example. In addition to checking, it is interesting to note the type of complaint made – reports of fraud or poor service may have different weight in relation to complaints of delayed delivery of the product.

During Black Friday it is also common the appearance of fake stores. Others, however, may not be illegitimate, but may be on the 'dirty list' of the Consumer Protection and Protection Foundation (Procon). The fake stores usually appear, mainly, in this period of superofertas to apply scams in inattentive consumers. Generally, most wanted products, like smartphones, notebooks and televisions, appear with prices more advantageous than normal.

Shop info

Before making any payment, it is imperative to check Social Reason, CNPJ and store location. A quick Google search can validate basic information.

Social networks

Social networking can be a thermometer to attest to price changes during Black Friday, in addition to gauging the credibility of stores. You can also track consumer comments – which can not be deleted by the store profile – and confirm the longevity of e-commerce. Inconsistent language and Portuguese errors may be clues that help validate the reliability of the company.

Form of payment

Checking accepted payment methods, especially in e-commerce, also helps at the time of purchase. This is because to receive payments via credit card, the company has to have valid documentation, which already creates difficulties for possible fraud.

Online purchase and withdrawal in the physical store

If the purchase is made by the site and the consumer will withdraw the product at some physical store, it is important to save the purchase confirmation file. The voucher gives more security to the consumer in cases of offers of items that do not have in stock, but that are exposed in the virtual store, for example.

Price monitoring

Elaborating list of products of greater interest before the period of Black Friday is essential. Doing this survey makes it easier to monitor if the products actually had a reduction in values ​​and whether or not there was "makeup" on prices.


Due to the high demand in sexta-feira Negra, e-commerces offer delivery times that are longer than the standard. Therefore, it is important to know if gift buying, for example, has a specific date for delivery. There are many reports that purchased items arrive after the expected forecast, causing embarrassment.

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