Check out the result of Tele Sena's 27th anniversary, this Sunday's draw (04/11)


Tele Sena (Photo: Reproduction)

Tele Sena (Photo: Reproduction)

The SBT exhibited this Sunday, November 4, the fourth draw of the 27th Anniversary Tele Sena. In this commemorative edition, Tele Sena is costing 10 reais and those who buy the capitalization title can win prizes on the spot with "Win Already".

With "Win Already", the buyer of Tele Sena scrapes the film and can find prizes between 5 and 100 thousand reais.

The novelty of this edition is due to the Coupon Awarded. When opening Tele Sena, the buyer can find the prize coupon, which will give several prizes, such as Home, Car, Motorcycle, Cruise, iPad, iPhone 10 or Smart TV.

In this edition there are still prizes for those who make more or less points. Those who make the most points earn up to 1 million reais and those who make fewer points guarantee up to half a million reais. And it still has 700 thousand reais for those who hit all the numbers in the picture of Tele Sena Completa.

Tele Sena result of 27th anniversary -4th Draw (04/11)

Check the result:

Remember to save your Tele Sena. Whoever saves Tele Sena for a year will compete for a home and can still exchange the old title for a discount on the purchase of the new Tele Sena.

Previous results

Check out the results of the previous 27th anniversary Tele Sena draws:

1st draw – 10/14/2018

2nd draw – 10/21/2018

3rd draw – 10/28/2018

Result of the Casa Award

If you saved your Tele Sena from last year, check out the sequence drawn below:


If the House Prize number on your Tele Sena last year equals the draw sequence, you won a house worth 350,000 reais or this same cash value.

How to win on Tele Sena

Another chance to win at Tele Sena is to do the Awarded Registration. Just enter the site of Tele Sena and make a registration or enter your login. Then look for the Prize Master tab and register your Tele Sena number to participate and compete this month on 4K TVs, Smartphones and a car.


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