Saturday , October 16 2021

CAUTIONS: Yogurts Hide Hazardous Ingredient That Require Attention | Gastronomy

A team of scientists at the University of Leeds in the UK analyzed the nutritional chart of more than 900 yogurts available on the market and concluded that many are made from large amounts of sugar, including some classified as organic.

According to BBC News, in some cases yogurts even outweigh soft drinks in the amount of sugar. Only natural and Greek-style yogurts were considered to be low-sugar products.

The survey looked at 921 products sold in five of the country's largest supermarket chains, which account for 75% of the market.

The products were divided into eight categories: infant, desserts, alternatives to dairy products, flavored, fruit, natural / greek and organic. The study showed that the category that most contains sugar is that of desserts, with 16.4 grams per 100g of the product, on average.

The second category with more sugar was organic yogurt, with 13.1g per 100g. The infant formula contains 10.8g per 100g. For comparison purposes, the most popular cola-based refrigerant on the market contains 10.6g per 100 milliliters.

To be classified as low sugar products, yogurts should have a maximum of 5g of sugar per 100g. Only 9% of the products identified by the University of Leeds scientists fit this profile.

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