Friday , January 22 2021

Cattle price reaches R $ 195 in cash; there are deals at $ 200, says Scot

fat ox

In just one day, the increase in the price of arroba of fat cattle was $ 10, highest value since 2005 – Photo: Semagro / MS

The prices of fat ox in São Paulo reached the mark of $ 195 per arroba in cash, without tax discount, last Thursday, 14. Scot Consultoria says that discounting the National Rural Learning Service (Senar), the price is $ 194.50 per arroba. Already the free value of both the Rural Worker Assistance Fund (Funrural) and Senar, was $ 192 per arroba.

The consultancy states that from Wednesday, 13, to Thursday, the increase was $ 10 per arroba, the highest increase ever seen since mid-October 2005, when the livestock market was volatile by the effects of foot and mouth disease in Mato Grosso southern.

“There are deals up to $ 200 per gross arroba. And if the market continues at this rate, it is possible that this week the reference approaches these values ​​”, comments the company.

In addition to São Paulo, Scot highlights some other regions, such as Goiás, for example, that are practically without price mark due to the incessant high prices of cattle.

“Many producers have been holding the sale awaiting larger bids, so the slaughter schedules are especially short and revolve around two to three days in virtually all São Paulo refrigerators,” he says. In some cases, ranchers are taking cattle off the scales due to the bullish scenario.
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