Bolsonaro orders new ministerial meeting on Tuesday and should sign arms decree | Politics


President Jair Bolsonaro will lead this Tuesday (15), in the Planalto Palace, the third ministerial ministerial meeting since taking office.

According to the Civil House, after the meeting, there will be a ceremony to sign the decree that facilitates the possession of weapons. The agenda of Bolsonaro, disclosed by the Secretariat of Social Communication (Secom), however, does not provide for the act.

The text of the decree was not disclosed by the government until the publication of this report.

The meetings of the Governing Council, which brings together Bolsonaro, Vice-President Hamilton MourĂ£o and all the ministers, take place on Tuesdays in the morning.

Bolsonaro has discussed with ministers the actions and goals for the first 100 days of government, completed in April. The expectation is that, at each meeting, the folders announce some of the measures.

According to the Civil House, as soon as Bolsonaro signs the decree, the measure will be published in the "Official Gazette of the Union." The right to possession is the authorization to keep a firearm at home. To walk with the gun on the street, you must have the right to the postage.

The decree has been under discussion since the early days of the government, for being treated as a promise of Bolsonaro campaign. The president is a former critic of the Disarmament Statute and, during the election campaign, advocated the reformulation of legislation.

In December, before assuming the presidency, Bolsonaro wrote in a social network that intends to guarantee by decree the possession of firearms to citizens without criminal records.

How does it work today?

Currently, the Disarmament Statute allows the purchase and, under more restrictive conditions, the possession of firearms in Brazil. Authorizations are granted by the Federal Police. The requirements for purchase (possession) are as follows:

  • Be at least 25 years old;
  • Have legal occupation;
  • Justify the "effective need" to have a weapon;
  • Not responding to police investigation or criminal prosecution;
  • Do not have criminal records in the Federal, State (including courts), Military and Electoral Justices;
  • Demonstrate psychological and technical ability to use firearms;
  • Present photo 3 x 4, certified copies or original and copy of RG and CPF, and proof of residence.

In addition, the Disarmament Statute provides that evidence of criminal history, inquiries and proceedings, licit activity and technical and psychological capacity be made periodically in a "period of not less than 5 years".


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