Bankers call for unity so that the country can 'turn the page', by Alexa Salomão and Anaïs Fernandes / Folha


Ten years ago, on November 3, 2008, Itaú Unibanco wrote the most important page of its history, announcing the union of the businesses of the Moreira Salles clan to those of the Setubal and Villela families.

The merger between Unibanco, created in 1924, and Itaú, in 1944, gave rise to the country's largest private bank.

A decade later, the heads at this delicate operation say that once again it's time to turn the page. But now they talk about Brazil.

"Once the election is over, it's turning that page. Join the country. We need a country that is moving forward, with growth, "said Roberto Setubal, now co-chairman of Itaú Unibanco Holding's Board of Directors, in an interview with Folha on Thursday (1st).

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