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Banco Pan has card without consultation SPC and Serasa and without annuity


Financial institutions are increasingly expanding their portfolio of financial products to meet the large share of negatives in Brazil. To have a parameter, in 2018, it reached 62.4 million CPFs, according to data estimated by the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL) and the Credit Service (SPC).

In view of this circumstance, Banco Pan provides a payroll-deductible credit card without the need to consult with the SPC and Serasa institutions, aimed at serving retirees, pensioners and civil servants. In addition, the card has the advantage of being annuity free.

As it is the payroll-deducted modality, the customer will pay the invoice automatically, being deducted from the benefit or salary received by him. This type of payment is a way of guaranteeing the institution security, since your salary / benefit is the guarantee that the payment will be made. Therefore there is no need for consultation with credit protection agencies.

You can also choose from the five plan options offered by Pan, including Zero Annuity, Basic, Platinum, Gold and International. However, some of them charge annuity, as well as being subject to other conditions, as well as exclusive benefits.

Bank Pan Card Advantages for Negative

In addition to being annuity-free and available for negatives at SPC and Serasa, the card has the following benefits:

  • Limit up to 2x the salary or benefit of the client;
  • Interest rates up to 4x lower compared to conventional cards;
  • Visa flag;
  • Cash withdrawals through the 24-hour Bank network, or credit of the requested amount into account.

How do I apply for a Bank Pan negative card?

First of all, it is important to note that to hire the card is charged an issue fee of $ 15, as well as the issuance of other means, in case of loss, theft upon request of the customer.

From the institution's website, you will need to complete a form with basic personal information. Afterwards, Banco Pan analyzes the order and contacts the customer to communicate the decision. If approved, the card will be sent to the address provided at the time of request.

When arriving at the given address, the customer must contact the institution's Call Center at: 0800 776 8000 to unlock the card. If you are interested in requesting an increase in the credit limit and applying for a duplicate card, the procedure should be done by the same number.

With the card in hand, the customer will have access to the digital invoice and statements of expenses, payments and slips, through the Bank Pan website, in the Web Banking PAN tab. In addition, there is an application available for Android or IOS, which allows the customer to adjust the desired threshold and change the invoice due date.

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