Atila Jacomussi is revoked by the Mauá Chamber


By 16 votes to five, with one abstention, the House of Mauá approved on Thursday (18), the impeachment of Atila Jacomussi (PSB) to the position of mayor. With the decision, Alaíde Damo (MDB) definitely takes over the command of the Palace. This was the second chief executive's annulment in the city, the first in 1965.

Jacomussi's allies complained about the result (Photo: Carlos Carvalho)

They voted in favor of the cassation: Adelto Cachorrão (Avante); Dr. Cincinato (PDT); Fernando Rubinelli (PDT); Boy of the Judo (Patriots); Chiquinho do Zaíra (Avante); Marcelo Oliveira (PT); Tchacabum (PRP); Jotão (PSDB); Melon (PPS); Manoel Lopes (DEM); Ivan Stella (Forward); Brother Ozelito (SD); Professor Betinho (PSDC); Samuel Nurse (PSB); Sinvaldo Postman (PSDC); and Neycar (SD).

Against the cassation: Admir Jacomussi (PRP); Ricardinho da Enfermagem (PTB); Betinho Dragões (PR); Severino of MSTU (SD); and Bodinho (PRP). Pastor José (PSDB) abstained and Gil Miranda (PRB) was absent from the session, because, he alleged that he would travel to Bahia to visit the mother who is sick.


The population entered the Chamber at 9am. In just two moments there was disagreement between supporters of the Maoist chief executive and those who favored impeachment. At 10.10 am, the extraordinary session began with the guidelines for the citizens and councilmen, reading the entire report starting 20 minutes later.

By 7:36 the councilors took turns reading more than 400 pages adding the final opinion of the trial commission and the report issued by the defense of the mayor Atila Jacomussi. The request was made by the defense itself based on federal law 201/1967. Some of the residents left the galleries while there was advertising of all the documentation.


"It is the historic moment for the Chamber of Mauá, but it is the saddest moment in history, an unfortunate moment," said councilman Marcelo Oliveira (PT) who recalled the sum of more than 100 days in which Atila Jacomussi was outside the City Hall because of the two prisons that occurred between May 2018 and January 2019.

"They are judging a prefect who was elected by the people, a mayor who did much for the city, who is a son of Maua. What is being judged in this House is not the reality of the facts, "said Admir Jacomussi (PRP) who repeated the speech that there was no misconduct on the part of his son to leave the command of the Executive Branch, action that is the target of the process of cassation.


Attorney Leandro Petrin, a leader of the Maoist mayor's advocacy group, addressed the city councilors by presenting the Socialist's justifications to prove that there was no vacancy during his second arrest between December 2018 and January 2019. The lawyer began his he said that the cassation process had a series of "untruths."

The first of these would be the position of the author of the request, Davidson Rodrigues, who presented himself as municipal president of the PSL, even with the legend inactive in the city. In a second moment it affirmed that the term "vacancy" disappeared during the almost three months of duration of the commission processante.

Another point made was that there was no difficulty for the deputy mayor, Alaíde Damo (MDB), to take over the Executive on December 27, and that Atila was also informed of her departure by two opportunities. "You can not tear the laws in this House, you can not tear the Organic Law of the Municipality," Petrin said.

He then stepped into the political issue, taking into account the speech of the Legislative President, Vanderley Cavalvante, the Neycar (SD), who reported that the trial held in that fifth would be "political" and not "legal." "If they think that the mayor is bad the opportunity to remove it is from the people at the polls. The population has this right if they think the government is bad, "he added.

Finally he explained about the reasons that led the Minister of Supreme Court (STF) Gilmar Mendes to consider that the arrest of Atila Jacomussi in the outbreak of the operation Done deal, of the Federal Police, on December 13 of last year, was illegal.

"Who will be the councilmen who will be co-authors of the crime of ideological falsehood? For this report is ideologically false, "said Carlos Eduardo Gomes Callado Moraes, a lawyer who completed the defense of Attila.

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