Monday , October 25 2021

As Tite's son became the new '03' of the Brazilian national team


São Paulo – On the frosty afternoon of Beira-Rio, Matheus Bachi did not wear the coat of the Brazilian team's coaching staff. Nor did he climb up to the rostrum to watch the game from the top and pass on information to some on the lawn. Tite's son, suit tailored by stylist Ricardo Almeida, climbed the steps leading to the field to stand beside his father on the bench. The transformation in dress is the materialization of his rise in CBF.

The departure of Auxiliary Sylvinho to Lyon, where he will coach, opened the gap that Matheus needed, since he chose not to bring another professional to the place. In the organization chart of the Brazilian team, he climbed up, becoming the third in the command line, which has Tite as head. The coach took advantage of the loophole to promote other members of the committee:

"Matheus happens to be the third, they are two helpers who are close to me. Fernando (Lázaro, coordinator of performance analysis) also grows, Thomaz (Koerich, performance analyst) grows.

It was up to Matheus Bachi to give the initial instructions to striker Roberto Firmino before his entry in the second half of the match against Honduras, replacing Gabriel Jesus. It was the second game in which he played this role. Against Qatar, the first of the selection without Sylvinho, Tite's son was already on the reserve bench next to his father.

In the Russian Cup, Matheus had as one of the main assignments during the matches to ascertain the data provided in real time by an application. The tool is not available in Copa América, CBF has not yet acquired similar equipment and the contacts have been via radio. With a difference: before emitter, now the son of Tite is responsible for receiving the information on the lawn and passing them to the technician.

Matheus Bachi watched the World Cup matches at the top Photo: Alexandre Cassiano
Matheus Bachi watched the World Cup matches at the top Photo: Alexandre Cassiano

Last December, Matheus climbed up to the Comary Farm and to take the classes needed to take CBF License A. The course was completed and the assistant, at age 30, is already licensed to train teams in Brazilian football. While this is not happening, continue practicing in the selection.

In the training opened in Porto Alegre, Saturday, it was his main instructions during the collective in reduced field in which Tite defined the lineup for the game. During one of the breaks, he talked to Casemiro separately. The middle field is one of the committee's main concerns for the Copa America.

At the same time, he does not abandon old obligations, from the most trivial ones, such as field markings before training, to the most elaborate ones, such as the positioning of players in the stands.

The inspiration also follows the same. Matheus Bachi was called "Titinho" in adolescence, because of his father already famous as a coach. Now on the edge of the field, he wears the same suit and even the same accessories. On his right arm, he carries the same bracelets as his father. The religious object serves as a kind of amulet, is the same as the coach of the team has already given Renato Augusto as a gift.

Within the cast, Sylvinho's departure was regretted. Thiago Silva recalled that now he will have the now technical as an opponent in French football and also confirmed that Fernando Lázaro should leave the technical committee after the Copa America to join the French club.

"It's difficult when you lose a member of Sylvinho's technical staff. Matheus has doubled up, done a nice job, "said the defender.

Filipe Luís was another to comment on the novelty in the technical committee:

– Sylvinho was a spectacular guy. It's a very big loss. But it did not change much because Matheus always looked after the ball. Sylvinho helped a lot, it's a big loss. The staff is ready to take on the loss of anyone. No one is irreplaceable.

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