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Apple justifies the removal of several competing applications from the App Store

Cupertino's technology removed from its App Store several applications that allowed parents to know and control the time their children spent on their iOS mobile device. It has done so over the past few months and according to our previous piece this would attract a lot of unwanted attention, and relevant criticism.

Apple apparently did not want third-party apps to compete with a native iOS 12 feature.

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However, complaints from various programmers have been mounting. All of them, fruit of the action of Apple, directly affecting the profits that these could yield to their creators. In fact, this motivated even a legal action on the part of Kaspersky against the technology of Cupertino due to this exact attitude.

Apple now justifies the removal of these applications

They all competed with their "Screen Time," the feature introduced with iOS 12. Namely, this feature allows parents to control the time their children spend looking at the iPhone, for example. At the same time, it allows users to know how much and how they use their iOS mobile device.

Thus, with the fingers pointed at Apple before the repeated removal of several similar applications, the case began to attract bad opinions. In this regard, there were several sources suggesting that the company removed these applications simply because they compete with the "Screen Time" native to its iOS 12 system.

However, Apple has already replied. By Phil Schiller's hand, the explanation concerns concerns about user privacy. The executive pointed out, for example, that some of the applications abused the mobile device management protocol (MDM) by doing so in order to collect user data.

Recording and controlling the usage time of the iOS device

Referring to several applications that required too much data to show parents the data usage of iOS devices, Apple preferred to caution. According to Schiller, this conduct could not subsist in the App Store. This way, justifying the removal of several applications of the same genre.

He also pointed out that Apple will not reject applications that use less invaded methods, or drivers. Still, between the lines, we read Apple's intention not to want services effectively competing with its Screen Time.

It should be noted that although it is possible to create similar solutions without using the MDM protocol, the final result would be extremely limited. Therefore, an application without access to this protocol of access to various data would not be minimally useful, or attractive to the user.

There are good exceptions in the App Store

Already, on the other hand, Schiller quotes a good exception. The application is called Moment - Balance Screen Time and was endorsed by the Apple executive. A great option in the App Store for parents who wanted to know, simply and effectively, how their children's iOS device is mostly used as an example.

In summary, the removal of the various applications will have been secured with the privacy of the user. At the same time, it is certain that the company dispenses services competing with what it already has on its iOS 12. Now the user will have even more reason to use "Screen Time" instead of other solutions.

Do you take advantage of this native iOS 12 feature?
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