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Andropause: Know the Symptoms, Causes and Treatment | How It Will Be – Interactivity


Which is?
Although it is popularly known as “andropause,” we should not call it that because it differs from its menopause equivalent in several ways: it does not occur in all aging men, the signs and symptoms are not unique to this entity and do not manifest themselves. in a narrow age range.

What can happen is a decrease in testosterone production – usually around 12% every decade of life. Thus, the most commonly used term in Brazil is DAEM: Male Aging Androgen Deficiency, which is the set of signs and symptoms resulting from decreased androgen concentration in men. Studies show that about 20% of men over 40 will have testosterone drop.

– Decreased strength and muscle mass
– Decrease in physical endurance (fatigue)
– Increased fat (visceral)
– Memory impairment and cognitive functions, depression and irritability
– decreased libido
– Decreased number of night / morning erections
– Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone deficiency may be due to changes at various levels of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis. Testicular abnormality (primary TD), pituitary or hypothalamus deficiency (secondary) and mixed (more secondary primary association).

Risk factors
Age is perhaps the biggest risk factor, as we know that the incidence of the disease increases with age.

The diagnosis should always be clinical and laboratory. That is, in order to make the diagnosis a man has to have symptoms – some of the above – along with a low serum testosterone dosage.

Correct metabolic syndrome factors such as:
– Obesity
– Hypertension
– Diabetes
– Dyslipidemias (presence of blood fat such as cholesterol and triglycerides)
– Sedentary lifestyle
– smoking
– Excess Alcohol
– depression

Treatment is through the administration of medications. In Brazil, the most commonly used formulations are short- and long-acting injectables (Testosterone Undecylate or Testosterone Ester Combination) and transdermal, in the form of axillary solution and skin gel.

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