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Amazon surpasses Google and Apple and becomes the most valuable brand in the world


RIO – A Amazon has become the most valuable company in the world in 2019. According to BrandZ's Top 100 ranking, released on Tuesday by consultancy Kantar and media group WPP, the technology giant, led by Jeff Bezos , saw the value of its brand advance 52% over the previous year, reaching $ 315.5 billion. With that, he left behindApple , which even rising 3%, came in second place this year, worth US $ 309.5 billion. Thirdly, the Google , with a value of US $ 309 billion, up 2% in the period.

In 2018, the ranking was led by Google, followed by Apple and Amazon. Thus, the arrival of Amazon to the top of the ranking ends with a domain of twelve years of the two technology giants. For Kantar, who led the research, Amazon's leadership is explained by acquisitions made in the last year and launches on several fronts, such as artificial intelligence and video streaming services, allowing a wide range of products to customers.

Doreen Wang, Kantar's global head for BrandZ, says that Amazon's brand value growth demonstrates how brands are less anchored in individual categories and regions.

– Frontiers are shrinking as technology's fluency allows brands to offer a range of services at various points of consumer contact. Using their experience and consumer knowledge, these brands are entering the business services industry, creating new opportunities for growth.

See the most valuable brands in the world:

  1. Amazon, with a value of US $ 315,505 billion (+ 52%)
  2. Apple, with a value of US $ 309,527 billion (+ 3%)
  3. Google, worth US $ 309 billion (+ 2%)
  4. Microsoft, with a value of US $ 251,244 billion (+ 25%)
  5. Visa, with a value of US $ 177.918 billion (+ 22%)
  6. Facebook, worth US $ 158.968 billion (-2%)
  7. Alibaba, with a value of US $ 131,246 billion (+ 16%)
  8. Tencent, with a value of US $ 130.862 billion (-27%)
  9. McDonald's, worth US $ 130.368 billion (+ 3%)
  10. AT & T, with a value of US $ 108.375 billion (+ 2%)

Among the ten most valuable brands, Kantar notes that Alibaba outperformed Tencent and became the most valuable Chinese brand, rising two places to the 7th and growing more than 16% to $ 131.2 billion. Tencent fell three places to the eighth position, down 27% to $ 130.9 billion from a year earlier.

The ranking also highlights Chinese brands, which now now total more than $ 1 trillion, such as the brand of Xiaomi handsets ($ 19.8 billion) and Meituan ($ 18.8 billion), a category consumer technology platform which offers everything from food delivery, room reservations and tours to bike rentals.

– Reputation is the most valuable asset of a company and, being strong, protects the business in times of crisis – says Eduardo Tomiya, director of Kantar Brasil.

Experts highlight the phenomenon of "ecosystem brands", in which companies stop investing in individual products to create a set of services, often innovative and disruptive, says Kantar. This explains, says the consultancy, Uber's advance, with a 51% increase, totaling US $ 24.2 billion, which guaranteed position 53, with expansion of its services to the food sector.

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