Alinne Moraes is ovated with the end of the novel Mirror of Life


The end of the Isabel character, played by Alinne Moraes, shared the views of the viewers of the novel Mirror of Life, from Globo.

In history, the villain went mad and set fire to Julia's house (Vitoria Strada), being saved from the flames by Alain (João Vicente de Castro). She was then taken to the psychiatric hospital and wound up in jail to pay for her crimes.

Some wanted to see the dead villain and others were happy with the author's ending. Among the comments, the following messages appeared:

"Let her burn, asshole!", said one fan. "No need for Alain to save Isabel", said another. The opposing fans accepted the outcome: "It was a fair ending for Isabel, at least she did not die" and "I loved the end of Isabel".

However, one thing was unanimous about the end of Isabel: the great interpretation of Alinne Moraes, who was even voiced in the comments. "She's the best actress in the novel", said one follower. "I looked at her and shouted: artist!", demonstrated another. "Alinne Moraes saving the end of the novel and showing what it's like to be a great protagonist", emphasized a third. "Incredible actress, sensational!", concluded another.

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