Alert action for risk of hemorrhagic dengue after self-medication – Capital


At least 200 Cheers were performed free of charge on Saturday (9) of the CRF / MS (Regional Pharmacy Council of Mato Grosso do Sul). The event in Ary Coelho Square, in Campo Grande, aimed to guide the population about the risks of self-medication in the treatment of dengue and highlight the importance of the pharmacist to society, especially in these cases.

"The pharmacist is not only responsible for the pharmacy. He is responsible for the patient, "said CFO / MS treasurer director Flávio Shianzato, commenting on the action at the event that began at 8:00 AM and ended at 11:30 AM.

In the event, in addition to guiding the risks in case of dengue and other diseases, pharmacists also collected overdue medicines and made other types of care, such as blood pressure measurement and blood glucose test for the diagnosis of chronic diseases. In this process, patients in whom some irregularity were detected were submitted to the evaluation of a clinical pharmacist in the same place. At this stage, the professional sought to do a routine and drug investigation of the patient.

Self-medication is one of the main concerns in the treatment of the disease transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, as it can cause the appearance of hemorrhagic disorders. Hence the importance of the pharmacist, according to Shianzato, who warns against the misguided use of drugs composed by AS – like aspirin.

In his explanation, dengue is a disease that affects blood coagulation and the use of this medicine contributes to the thinning of the blood which can cause the evolution of hemorrhagic dengue. In addition, the patient's initial misunderstanding of the disease combined with the use of anti-influenza drugs may even make the situation even worse. The last outbreak of Type 2 dengue was recorded in 2006, according to Shianzato.


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