After finishing, Neymar maintains Bruna's home frame


At the end of October, we reported here on TV Foco about the end of Neymar and Bruna Marquezine's courtship. The two had reopened the relationship during New Year's Eve, but without any explanation, they announced that they had broken again.

Since then, fans of the BruMar couple have been hoping for a possible reconciliation.

The fact is that Bruna Marquezine ended up stating that there is no chance of getting back with the soccer player. But this weekend the fans of the couple had another opportunity to rejoice.

That's because in video made by Carlos Henrique, friend of the player, the ex-boyfriends appear on a canvas costumed Catwoman and Batman, when they enjoyed the birthday of Gabriel Medina. As soon as they spotted the publication the netizens celebrate.

"I believe in their love and I know God is taking care of everything," said one fan of BruMar. "It filled our hearts with hope !!! Come back! "Wrote another surfer.

"Love more alive than ever," wrote a third. Is it really that the couple will reattach?


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