Sunday , October 24 2021

After controversy, Débora Nascimento comes smiling in the day on the beach


The actress View All took advantage of the sunny day in Rio de Janeiro to enjoy the outdoors.

She went to renew the tan on a beach and showed pictures enjoying the moment.

This tour of her happened few days after the controversy involving the columnist Leo Dias.

It all started when the journalist reported that Deborah had compared Giovanna Ewbank when he said why he would not forgive Jose Loreto's betrayal – recalling that Ewbank had already been betrayed by Bruno Gagliasso at the beginning of the marriage. However, the actress sent a message suggesting that Leo Dias had lied and said he is in favor of the sorority.

"Stop inventing lies. It is chauvinistic, irresponsible and harmful that attempt to turn women into rivals ", she said in the Instagram Stories.

Thus, who saw the message of Deborah, Leo Dias became very angry and ventured: "She is macho, she is light-hearted, it is irresponsible to point out (in a group of Whatsapp) an actress who acted with her husband as the pivot of her separation"Soon after, he published another:"The culprit was him. And not her. Do you want me to remind you how Marina's name came to me?"Here he refers to the rumor that ran shortly after the separation, realizing that the actress Marina Ruy Barbosa would have had an affair with Loreto and caused the separation of the couple.


On Twitter, the journalist sent a message to the actress indicating that he has compromising information about this confusion.

"Just so you understand: who assured me that Marina was a person who was in this group of WhatsApp. And Deborah made it clear she wanted this info to reach the press. "

In another tweet, Dias reveals details of this supposed group of messages and takes a position from Deborah.

"In this group the actresses hinted that Marina would pay me to never speak ill of her. Why does not Debbie tell the whole truth? "

Leo also shared the positioning of a follower, indicating that he endorsed the posting. "Even Débora enjoyed several sexist comments that disparaged Marina, but I think she already forgot! Selective the girl! ".

"Let's now show who's who. And who even puts 'caco' in the novel to speak badly of the Marina. How ugly, eh, Deborah? Where is the sorority? ", said Leo in another tweet.

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