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Woman with hearing loss or hard of hearing

Hearing is one of the main human senses. On November 10, National Day of Combat and Prevention of Deafness is celebrated. According to the Ministry of Health, hearing loss can be caused by earwax, infections (otitis), tympanic problems, tumors, aging, work in very noisy places, some diseases, heredity, among other factors.

In most cases, hearing loss is treated with the use of a hearing aid. In some situations, implants and / or surgeries are used. According to the otorhinolaryngologist of the Unimed Vittorio Giulliano Enrico Ruschi and Luchi, in case of hearing loss or ringing in the ear (which may be the first sign of hearing loss), the person should seek guidance from a specialist.

The doctor says there are some ways to ensure the health of the ears and prevent hearing loss. Check out 9 tips for a healthy hearing:

1) Keep the volume of electronic devices at a reasonable level (up to 60 decibels);
2) Avoid staying for long periods indoors with loud music;
3) Wear hearing protectors when exposed to loud sounds;
4) Choose earphones with the shell shape, as they distribute the sound better and impair the hearing;
5) Avoid running with the windows of the car open, since the external noise can be harmful;
6) Watch for any symptoms of hearing loss;
7) Avoid getting near speakers;
8) Do not connect multiple appliances at one time;
9) Give a rest to your ears.


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