Your broken love for a series of stars for teenagers


They say they are crazy and ready to pass the ring on their fingers. The truth is different: after six years of love away from the spotlight, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes split up a few days ago, reports the Us Weekly website.

The reasons for this break remain unknown, but the 51-year-old put his fans in a speech during a speech at a backstage Oscar party on Sunday. . "On stage, he wanted to pay tribute to members of the public who were alone, introducing themselves as singles. We could not believe it," a witness said.

Since this announcement, the interpreter Ray Charles would not have wasted his time. According to the "Daily Mail", he was seen in the company of actress Jessica Szohr. Believe that the comedian appreciates the stars of series for teenagers: after Joey of "Dawson", welcome to Vanessa from "Gossip Girl".

(Grande / szu)

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