Yannick M. raped, beaten or harassed girls in Tinder: one of his victims testified (video)


The Bruges Criminal Court sentences a 26-year-old man to 7 years in prison and 40,000 euros for rape and harassment. 11 victims filed civil proceedings. The man approached them through the dating application Tinder.

In the dating application, Shana and Silke fall in love with Yannick M., never stingy with beautiful words. "He told me that I was beautiful, that he found me sweet, says Silke. He was a good person with whom we spoke easily. He was extremely friendly. He seemed to want to make everyone happy and happy, but that was before the other side. "

After some meetings, the man changes his tone. He becomes unpredictable and violent. "One night he locked me in the house after an argument, Silke remembers painfully. He finally tucked me in and punched me in the face with a knife in my nose. Because he could not accept anything. When he did not agree, he started to turn. I wanted to go home. He locked me up. I had to stay with him. "

Complaints soon arrived. In all, eleven young women filed a lawsuit. For all the facts alleged against him, the accused is sentenced to 7 years in prison, confirmed the president of the Criminal Court of Bruges.

An individual dangerous to society: "He has the characteristics of a psychopath"

The Bruges court describes him as a possible psychopath, a narcissist, dangerous to society, capable of raping one of his eleven candidates because she refused to do the dishes. "It's a serious sentence, says Laurens De Koninck, lawyer Yannick M. The accused is only 26 years old, young to receive an effective sentence of 7 years. It's unusual, in fact.

"I'm happy with this verdict, consider Silke, who has since tried to rebuild with the help of a psychologist. I find the phrase correct for what he did. He can do nothing but be in prison and think about what he has done for each and every one of us. "


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