Windows 10 v1903 and the file explorer, an important evolution is planned


Windows 10 v1903, also known as 19H1 and April 2019, will usually start in April. Important news and improvements are expected. Some relate to essential elements of the operating system, such as file explorer.

The latter will enjoy a great evolution with this first update of Windows 10 2019. The various windows of File Explorer will be released in separate processes. So if you work with multiple folders in your own windows, you will get multiple processes belonging to the same file manager and running simultaneously.

This change will offer a great advantage. It will improve stability, because if one of the windows crashes, its forced closure will not affect the other windows of the application.

Windows 10 and File Explorer

Windows 10 v1903

Windows 10 v1903

This feature must be enabled in the "File Explorer Options", "View" options. Once in place, the process in the Task Manager provides additional details around each active window.

Windows 10 version 1903 will be available to the general public in the coming weeks. Many expect RTM to be compiled this week. Microsoft has not made any official announcements at this time. You can try this new file explorer feature through the latest versions offered as part of the Windows Insiders program.


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