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"Will be for the surrendering rent", said Caroline Désir

The Nouvelle Minister for the Education of the Wallonie-Bruxelles Federation Caroline Désir (PS) is l'invitée of "Jeudi en Prime".

Nathalie Maleux and François De Brigode Not so often question the problems of parenting that they have met with differences in their respective parts. Ils donct donj toujours plusieurs to attendre la premier salaire after the rentrée.

Give the estimate that this situation "liée à des erreurs humaines"Est"inacceptable". The new Minister of Education and the Minister of the Budget on contact with the administration. He is part of the role of the payee of the deed, the salesman. Desir.

Modification Pas immédiate du décret inscriptions

On the agreement of the government, the majority of the parties on the agreement to revive the inscriptions which are the object of some critics after the mise in place. The minister will confirm that he will be able to go through the search for September 2020. They will be able to enter the second section looking for the encyclopedia to be fixed by the secretary.

"Je two arrest le tempsThat's just the minister. I'm going to do the work and play for the past to believe the chaos and the revival of the files, the files they have around."

The delays on the saws for the imager revue the system technique complement and politique delegation. Or the procédure d'inscription demarre au mois de février. "On this one for the night. I suppose it will be for the surrendering rent. A travail an n sera pas de trop", by Caroline Désir, who participated in the Debates on the Debt Lorsqu'elle été députée de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

Pacte d'excellence: the minister is inscribed in the continuity

How much does the Excellency, Minister for the Support of the Work of the Past Minister of Education, Marie-Martine Schyns (cdH): "Cette reform doit s'installer sur fifteen ans. This is important to send a message from continuity to the support of the design."

Cette reform doit notamment permettre à l'enseignement francophone d´être plus efficace. Selon is an etude of the Saint-Louis lancier recteur, which compares 28 types of the design, the system of the design of the Wallon-Bruxelles Federation is about three performant and three colors. The minister partage ce constat: "Je peux que le rejoindre. These constants are on their way to the ensemble of the design elements. You are pouring a cell that is misleading in place. On your own plus if you are satisfied with the status quo."

Rythmes scolaires: du changement en vue?

At the time of the Interview, she ministered to me that the rhythmes scolaires pourraient evolve the cours de la legislature. "Sur l'année scolaire, and the moments that have gone wrong in terms of rythmes, explain Caroline Désir. More the minister reconnaît qu'il s'agit là d'un sujet tabou. There is a demand for a toucher, but also for the vacant scolaires and the habitations. You are the one who will demand the concertation. Regression l'état of the professors and the emphases until the semaines d'écoles."

Sans vouloir s'avancer on a date for a cette reform of rythmes scolaires, the minister is expecting me to be able to apply to the end of mon mandat.

I have a brassiere by Ahmed Laaouej

In the light of Interview, Bruxelloise responds to questions on the bataille for the presence of the Bruxelloise section of PS. Two successful candidates, with the risk of sharing the federation.

The two teams for the presidency of a major federation of the Socialist Party have met in detail by Ahmed Laaouej dune and Rachid Madrane de l'autre. The Minister of Education at Choisi Son Camp. Elle propose son bra à l'équipe portée by Ahmed Laaouej. "More je voudrais qu'on ne parle pas de lutte fratricide, need-t-elle. I have some surtout laisser the place au débat."

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