Saturday , October 23 2021

Why the Chernobyl series disturbs some



The series is a success with us, but does not necessarily please the main one in question …

Already anticipating Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones in the American site of IMDb, Chernobyl knows a real success in the United States and in Europe. The series tracing the nuclear disaster of 1986 does not please everyone in Russia. Accused of bias in state television and Russian tabloids, the program exaggerated the harmful role of the Soviet authorities at the time. "Chernobyl did not show the most important part of the story – our victory", thus entitled Komsomolskaya Pravda, a very popular daily newspaper in the country of Vladimir Putin.

To put the church back in the middle of the village, the Russians decided to produce their own series by telling the dramatic hours of the disaster. This is the NTV channel that will broadcast the episodes of the Russian show. While HBO has relied on survivor narratives to better suit reality, NTV's "Chernobyl" will have more freedoms with history. The scenario should actually revolve around a CIA agent sent to Pripyat, 3 km from the nuclear power plant, who sought information and was chased by a Russian counterintelligence agent. Fiction facts that, according to the director, do not alter the fact that the series "will tell viewers what actually happened at the moment". Still according to the latter, there would indeed be many theories involving an American intelligence agent in the history of the Chernobyl disaster.

While many media outlets are happy to see the "restored" truth, others, on the contrary, liked the HBO version of the historical event. A pro-government newspaper even acknowledged that the latter was more "realistic" than most Russian films during that period. I am not sure, since they greatly appreciate the new Russian version of the 1986 nuclear disaster.


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