Why Samsung cancels Galaxy Fold preorders


Decidedly, the launch of the first Samsung foldable smartphone is not easy, to such an extent that the brand has decided to postpone the Galaxy Fold pre-order, announced at the same time as the Galaxy S10. The decision is effective in the United States, but it is not yet known whether it concerns Europe and France.

Samsung no longer wants to take risks with Galaxy Fold

As indicated Droid Life in a recent article, Samsung rejected the preorders of its Galaxy Fold. In fact, users who ordered the folding smartphone received an email from the Korean brand to decide whether or not to cancel their order.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Email

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In the email in question, Samsung first thanks its customers before indicating that it is currently progressing to meet the desired standards. The brand thus makes it clear that it can not " confirm the planned delivery date for now ".

As a result, Samsung Galaxy Fold customers will have to choose whether they want to confirm their pre-order despite the brand's indications. If you choose not to click the button, your order will be automatically deleted by the end of May.

Samsung terminates its email by stating: We appreciate the confidence placed in you and we are committed to providing you the best in mobile technology "The brand adds that it will keep its customers informed.

Admittedly, Samsung does well to make that decision by pushing the Galaxy Fold orders rather than risking protest with a smartphone sold for more than $ 2,000. As a reminder, the latter was strongly criticized by early American journalists – and some French – who could have the phone in hand. Many pointed to the fragility of the screen, which sometimes lasted no more than 24 hours.

As a result, Samsung announced that it was delaying Galaxy Fold's release for an undetermined date, stating: We intend to announce the release date in the coming weeks "Originally, the smartphone was released on April 26.

In France, the case is a bit different since the future users of Samsung Galaxy Fold still do not have the possibility to pre-order the smartphone on the official website, but only to fill out a pre-registration form.


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